Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to order every week?

This is a weekly subscription based service however you can always skip weeks! When you do skip, you will be charged however the week you come back, you will not be charged to even out the costs!

How much is delivery?

Delivery in Saratoga is $3. Outside of Saratoga, delivery is $5-7

How far do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver to a 30 mile radius! Contact us if your zip code is not working and we will try to accomodate!

Is the food organic?

Our organic selection depends on the season and availability from our farms/suppliers. If we purchase anything off of the "dirty dozen" list, they are always organic, year round. You can always contact us to find out which product in each dish is organic or not.

Is there plastic waste with the meal subscriptions?

Harvest to Home utilizes compostable containers whenever we can. With production being a little wonky lately, sometimes we do have to supplement.

Do all of the meals get delivered on the same day?

Yes. All of your meals get delivered on one day, your meal subscription delivery day.

How do the meals get delivered?

All meals are delivered to your insulated Harvest2Homes "milk box" that stays on your doorstep (or location of choice) . Delivery is between 2-6 pm in the Fall/Winter, and 4-8 pm in the Spring/Summer

How do I skip a week of subscriptions?

On your home page, click "My Subscription". Scroll down and you will find your next week's delivery date. Click "skip this date" and you will be paused. You will still be charged for this day however when you do come back, you will not be charged to even out the cost!

When will my meals be delivered?

All meals are delivered by 8 pm. Winter there may be delays due to weather!

Should my meals go inside the fridge/freezer right away?

Meals will be safe outside for a few hours however once you get home, it is important to place them in your fridge or freezer.

What is the serving size?

Salads: 1 serving Entrees: 1-2 servings Soup: 2 cups Desserts: 3 servings Protein Balls: 5 balls

Why am I charged before I get my meals?

You are charged before you get your meals so that we can order and prepare your dishes. If you are unsatisfied with a meal once you have paid, please submit a ticket via the contact form and we will work on a solution

I am celiac, are the meals really safe?

Yes!! Dietician owned and operated, we take autoimmune diseases and allergies very seriously. We use separate cutting boards, knives, toasters, pots/pans etc. when cooking anything that contains gluten. All dishes are labeled with allergens and whether they are gluten-free or not.

How much are the meals and what are the serving sizes?

Our meals have a base price of $11. You may add proteins for anywhere from $1-4. Examples of proteins are as follows: $1 plant protein, $2 shrimp, $3 local chicken, $4 local red meat. Salads = 1 portion Soups = 2 cups Entrees = 2 portions Desserts = 3 portions

What happens if I miss my ordering cut off time?

When you miss an ordering cut off time (2 days prior to your delivery day) the system will auto-select your meals for you based off of your profile settings (dislikes, allergens and dietary preferences). Unfortunately we are unable to adjust after this occurs as we have already placed the food orders and likely prepped the appropriate amount of food for the exact number of meals on our reports. Be sure to set an alarm to not miss your cut off time!

How much do the meals cost?

Our meals have a base price of $11 and you can add plant based proteins for $1 or non-vegetarian options for $2-4 depending on the product.

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