Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to order every week?

Yes and no. This is a weekly subscription based service however you can always skip weeks. Too many skips however will lead to a termination and your spot will be filled with someone on the waiting list!

How much is delivery?

Delivery is a flat $5 fee. Pickup at Whole Harvest during our business hours is free!

How far do you deliver?

Currently, we set a 10 mile radius from the cafe. We will expand that as our operations expand.

If meat is bad for the environment, why do you offer it?

While factory farmed meat has a negative impact on the environment, we only purchase meat from farms that used the regenerative farming method. This means the animals are pastured raised in a rotating crop pattern which has a positive impact on CO2 emissions and protects the soil and water below the land.

Is the soup option allergen friendly?

The soup is always made without animal product or gluten product however other allergens may be in the soup. If you have an allergy please specify and we will try our best to accommodate.

Is the food organic?

Our organic selection depends on the season and availability from our farms/suppliers. If we purchase anything off of the "dirty dozen" list, they are always organic, year round. You can always contact us to find out which product in each dish is organic or not.

Is there plastic waste with the meal subscriptions?

No! Harvest to Home utilizes pyrex containers to eliminate plastic waste! They will be swapped out the following week for new dishes.

Do all of the meals get delivered on the same day?

Yes. All of your meals get delivered on one day, your meal subscription delivery day.

How do the meals get delivered?

All meals are delivered to your doorstep in a reusable, insulated cooler bag.

Does the pyrex have to be washed out and placed in the insulated cooler bag?

Pyrex must be rinsed and placed back in the insulated cooler bags outside your front door after you are done with your meals. Once swapped out, the pyrex will be soaked and run through Whole Harvest's commercial, high temperature dishwasher each week.

How do I skip a week of subscriptions?

On your home page, click "My Subscription". On the right side of the page, click "Pause Plan". Your subscription will pick up the following week.

When will my meals be delivered?

Meals will be delivered by 8 pm the night of your meal plan. We don't start deliveries until 5 pm so food will hold in the insulated coolers during the warmer weather.

Should my meals go inside the fridge/freezer right away?

We don't start deliveries until 5 pm so food will hold in the insulated coolers during the warmer weather however the meals must be kept in the fridge or freezer as soon as you get home so your food is best preserved. We are not responsible for food spoilage due to leaving your food containers outside for too long!

What is the serving size?

Salads are approx. 1 serving, "entree" meals are approx 2 servings and soup is always 3 servings.

What if I forget to put my pyrex back in the bag?

Missing pyrex is charged to your account. If you return the pyrex at a later date, your account will be refunded.

How do I place an order?

On the home page: 1.Place your mouse above the tab "shop" 2.Click on "meal plan" 3. Click on the "select meals" tab 4. Scroll down and you will see grey boxes 5. Click the green bubble within the grey box that says "select" 6. Choose your meals! 7. Complete checkout

Why am I charged before I get my meals?

You are charged before you get your meals so that we can order and prepare your dishes. If you are unsatisfied with a meal once you have paid, please submit a ticket via the contact form and we will work on a solution

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