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What Our Clients Says

Harvest to Homes has helped me stay on track for my weight loss journey. Because this isn't a diet program, I was able to learn a healthy eating pattern without cutting out major food groups."

Erin D

Subscriber since 09/22

I felt like I was drowning as a working mom. I can't give enough credit to Harvest to Homes for helping me keep myself and my family well fed with our busy schedules. I would truly have no fuel if my fridge wasn't stocked with their meals weekly"

Lucy R

Subscriber since 02/21

When COVID hit, my hours at the hospital doubled. I was ordering takeout 5x a week. My health was declining and I desperately needed help. Harvest to Homes feeds me 2x a day now. My health is back on track and my focus at work is the best it's been.


Subscriber since 03/20

My family knows not to touch my special H2H meals. I was always stuck with my kids leftovers and couldn't do it anymore. I'm so thankful for these meals and it's easy to skip if I need

Nancy W

Subscriber since 02/22

Our high-allergen family has never been able to find safe meals for us. We've been accommodated for 2 years now and have never had an issue.

Michael H

Subscriber since 05/20

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